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Welcome to BCL Restaurant Supply!

BCL Restaurant Supply is the Midwest’s largest supplier of food service equipment. For over 40 years, BCL has been helping businesses in the restaurant and commercial foods industry save money on the purchase of the equipment and supplies they need. BCL invites you view to our 60,000 sq. ft. showroom full of Restaurant Equipment, Supplies and Furnishings, which is also available to view online. Our showroom store is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM and the second Saturday of the month from 10 AM – 2 PM. Our inventory changes daily as we buy and sell high quality pre-owned restaurant equipment! Working within a tight budget? Trade in your existing restaurant equipment and use the proceeds towards our showroom items. Buying or selling your restaurant equipment has never been so easy!

Contact us today to see how our proven platform of buying and selling commercial food service equipment can help you save money on the restaurant equipment and supplies you need!

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BCL Restaurant Supply is your complete partner in the commercial food industry. We provide new and pre-owned equipment for hotels, schools, churches, banquet centers, bars, clubs, grills, casinos, event venues, country clubs, residential care facilities, hospitals, governmental agencies and any food service business you can think of!

Restaurant News

  • Necessary Items for a Restaurant Kitchen

    5 Necessary Items to Run a Restaurant Kitchen

    vital-kitchen-equipment For newcomers to the restaurant industry, the first question you may have is: "What equipment is vital to run a kitchen properly?". While every restaurant will require specialty tools, several pieces of equipment are necessary to produce dishes regardless of the style of food prepared. Below we have outlined five of the most essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment used at any food service business.
    1. Refrigerators and freezers are quite possibly the most important items within a commercial kitchen. Without these, leftovers and perishables would spoil daily causing wasted money and possible food-bourne illness for guests.
    2. Convection ovens provide restaurants with the ability to cook more quickly and evenly, saving precious time. While a convection oven is not absolutely necessary, it is important that your restaurant has a commercial oven whether it is convection or conventional.
    3. Commercial grade dishwashers are critical for any type of restaurant. Washing dishes by hand can be extremely time consuming and not provide the proper sanitization to ensure customers don't get sick.
    4. Industrial ice machines provide much more than just cooling for beverages. If your restaurant has a salad bar or buffet, you will likely need to employ ice placed below the containers to make certain your food items remain chilled instead of hot and soggy.
    5. Food preparation and cleansing efforts would be next to impossible in a commercial kitchen without stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel is the best option for you restaurant, as its surface resists certain types of bacteria and germs.
    Whether you are a veteran or novice restauranteur, you will need the proper equipment to provide the best service to your clients. Our list above is a good start, but you will likely need many more items to run a successful restaurant kitchen. What item do you find to be most useful? This article was inspired by Check out their site for more information!

  • Show 2016 Review

    Over the weekend, we took a drive to Chicago to attend the 2016 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show at McCormick Center.  While the free food and massage chairs contributed to an amazing time at the show, let’s face it, the NRA Show is about the equipment.  It’s where restaurant operators, and in our case restaurant equipment resellers, go to find the latest gadgets, devices and equipment that will help restaurant’s profits go through the roof. In this post, I will go over some highlights of this year’s show. (more…)

  •, Ice, Baby (BCL Ice Machine Guide)

    ICE-MACHINES-BCL-RESTAURANT-SUPPLY-1024x1024 Commercial ice machines form a critical link in the chain of operation in a restaurant or commercial kitchen.  Ice machines can also be one of the largest expenditures in your budget, so choosing a unit that works for your particular needs and situation is vitally important. And now that the warm summer months are here, the time of year you are most likely to buy a new ice machine are upon us.  This guide is intended to help you choose the ice machine that’s right for you. (more…)

  • Convection Ovens

    What is a convection oven?

    A commercial convection oven is a free-standing unit that uses an internal wall-mounted fan to distribute hot air around the interior chamber. This method of heating reduces cooking times as it eliminates any cold air bubbles surrounding food items. And unlike conventional ovens, large batch recipes cook more evenly throughout, due to the efficient heat distribution. This efficient piece of equipment has proven to be an indispensable appliance for many commercial kitchens including bakeries and high-volume catering operations. Models are available in half or full sizes with single or double deck designs. (more…)

  • the Right Commercial Refrigerator

      When it comes time to buy a new reach-in refrigerator or freezer for your business, you’ll notice there are more than a few options out there. It isn’t always easy to choose new restaurant equipment, but we’re here to help with that. Here are 3 tips for picking out just the right commercial refrigeration unit for your kitchen.

  • Griddle Me This. The Secret to finding the Right Griddle Revealed

    Let’s say you walk in to your local greasy spoon diner and order pancakes, eggs, bacon and a burger (it was a long night. Don’t judge!). Chances are pretty good that your food is being prepared on a commercial griddle. Commercial griddles are an invaluable piece of restaurant equipment. In addition to your breakfast bounty, they can cook chicken, sausage, breads and buns with ease by transferring heat from a metal plate directly into the food product. When choosing a griddle, there are two types of griddle plates you can choose from: thin and thick.

    Thin PlatesThis plate griddle

    Thin plates range from 3/8″ to 3/4″ thick. The benefits of thin plates are that they come up to temperature fast. There is quick heat transfer and faster heat recovery. Also, thin plates require less energy to achieve a set temperature. The disadvantages are few, but should be noted. For instance, thin plates may warp if preheated at high temperatures, so be careful when preheating. Also, they distribute heat less evenly. Thin plates are designed for light and medium-duty operations, such as breakfast-only diners.

    Thick Plates

    Thick plates range from 1″ to 1-1/2″ thick. Thick plates distribute heat more evenly and are less likely to warp. While thick plates require more energy to bring up to the desired temperature, they will retain heat longer. Thick plates are ideal for heavy-duty operations, such as 24-hour diners. They are also ideal for institutions and schools where frozen foods are more likely to be prepared and need more even heat distribution to cook properly.

    Additional BenefitsLarge Thick Plate Griddle

    Commercial griddles have individual heating controls, which allow you to cook a variety of foods at once. Side and back splashes contain grease splatter. Best of all, griddles create desirable effects on food, including that perfect golden-brown color and crispy crust that make diners salivate.

    Ready to Buy?

    Check out our online inventory here to find a huge variety of griddles and other quality pre-owned restaurant equipment, furnishings and supplies. Have a question? Call us at 618-274-4112 to speak with one of our helpful Pre-Owned Specialists. Happy griddling!

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