Advantages of Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment
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Advantages of Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Advantages of Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When opening a new restaurant there are several stressors. However, one of the largest investments restauranteurs is purchasing equipment for the kitchen. Many wonder if selecting used equipment is advantageous or troublesome. We have outlined some of the perks to going with used, to help you make your choice a little bit easier.

1. Saving Money. Used equipment is like buying a used car. You will not have to pay that hefty price tag for pre-owned equipment, as it’s already left the lot. By purchasing used, you could save some serious capital that could be invested in renovations or other future expenses.

2. Like-New. As the restaurant industry has a high turnover rate, it’s possible that second hand will practically be brand new. While you should examine the material for rust and missing pieces, you can find items that are fully functional that will save a pretty penny.

3. Negotiation. Prices for used equipment are not rigid. You can haggle with sellers. Don’t be afraid to counter-offer. It could save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Complimentary Items. When purchasing several pieces of used equipment, you can request that the seller throws in an extra item to show good faith. This will help you save funds for more equipment, rehabilitation, or a rainy day!

Choosing new or used equipment really comes down to two things: preference and money. If you fancy new equipment and have the cash to get it, go for it! If it’s not that important to have brand new, save yourself some dollars! What is your preference?

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