4 Must-Have Apps for Your Restaurant
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4 Must-Have Apps for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant or bar, you know it is a constant struggle to keep everything in order. After you’ve made sure all of the food is prepped for the day, ordered necessary supplies, and managed the team schedule, you barely have time to take a restroom break. With long hours and strenuous work, restaurant owners and employees can use all the additional help they can get! Below we will highlight some innovative apps that help save those in the food service time so they can finally hit the bathroom!

1. Reservation Apps. If your bar or restaurant is too busy to answer the phone to accept reservations, you should think of utilizing a reservation app such as Open Table. You won’t need to worry about constant phone calls to update or cancel reservations, but you’ll still be able to offer patrons an easy way to reserve their seat for dinner. Since the app will handle everything electronically, you won’t need to keep a ledger with all reservations. The best part? If someone cancels, the seat will be available for another customer to snag!

2. Ordering Apps. Choosing the right moment to take an order can be one of the most complicated strategies for waitstaff. If you approach the table and they are deep in conversation, you may not want interrupt. If someone gets up from the table, you may want to wait for the return. By utilizing a tabletop ordering app such as Ziosk, your customers can place their orders whenever they want. All you have to do is bring it to them so they can enjoy!

3. Payment Apps. When patrons are ready to get their bills and leave, one of the most frustrating experiences for them is waiting forever to pay. By using an app like Table Safe, you are enlisting a digital checkbook to assist customers in completing the payment process. Your waitstaff will drop it off to the table once they finish their meal, and patrons can pay by credit card whenever they’re ready. Since the customer never has to hand over their credit card, you will not have to worry about lost cards! It will also save your waitstaff precious time to complete other guests who need food and drinks.

4. Online Ordering and Delivery Apps. If you serve food that can easily be delivered to neighboring patrons, you may just have one problem: staff to provide the food. Well with apps like Postmates and GrubHub, you reap the benefits of expanded volume without the worry of finding reliable delivery drivers. By extending delivery, your bar or restaurant can see a giant increase in sales, and capture neighborhood clients who could become loyal customers to your business!

With these four apps, your bar or restaurant will run a little more smoothly and give you and your waitstaff more time to spend on what is more important: creating an enjoyable experience with tasty dinners and drinks! While these apps won’t help you or your waitstaff increase mood or friendliness, we’re positive that they are still beneficial!

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