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Equipment Financing

James Capital, LLC provides a range of commercial equipment leasing options to improve your bottom line, up to 100 percent financing. Through our network of underwriters, we have the capacity to finance many types of new and used equipment of small firms with the best credit to start-ups, credit challenged firms as well as investment grade companies.  We also have the ability to finance municipalities as well as cross border transactions.  By using James Capital, you get ACCESS to more money to purchase more equipment and services.  Try the James Capital difference and reduce your cash flow concerns.

Allocating Payments over Time is the SMART Way of Acquiring Equipment!

Leasing equipment can help make your business more flexible and competitive, as well as more profitable. James Capital lease financing experts offer custom service, flexible terms and affordable options.

why lease?money in hand

Nearly 80% of U.S. businesses lease equipment, and more than 30% of capital equipment is acquired through lease financing. Equipment leasing delivers these key benefits:

Commercial Equipment Lease Types

Below are the various end of lease options to choose from. The choice you make will determine your payment size, what happens to the equipment at the end of the lease, your annual business taxes and ultimately your cash flows. Your choices are:

Fair Market Value (aka FMV Lease)

Fixed Price Purchase Option (aka FPPO)

$1.00 Purchase Option (aka Capital Lease)

Just making an equipment financing decision without considering all the cash flow and tax implications of leasing could prove to be counterproductive to your financial position. Let James Capital help you determine the most cost-effective equipment lease structure for your business or organization.


  1. Download and fill out the “Customer” section of the application from the link below.
  2. Contact us regarding the equipment you wish to finance.
  3. Fill in the rest of the application and send it to travis@bclrestaurantsupply.com.
  4. Once your application is received, it will be submitted for approval.
  5. Upon approval, we will contact you to know the decision and move forward from there.




Other Financing Options

Hard Asset Financing – Short – Term Financing

Hard asset financings are loans used for a short term basis, usually 6 to 12 months. Hard money lenders look for quality of the collateral, ability to re-pay, exit strategy and reasonableness of the request.

Who uses it and why?

Businesses can find themselves with an opportunity for growth or in need of quick bank re-financing. Hard asset financing focuses on greater lending availability, flexibility and speed. Hard money is used for: