Necessary Items for a Restaurant Kitchen
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Necessary Items for a Restaurant Kitchen

5 Necessary Items to Run a Restaurant Kitchen


For newcomers to the restaurant industry, the first question you may have is: “What equipment is vital to run a kitchen properly?”. While every restaurant will require specialty tools, several pieces of equipment are necessary to produce dishes regardless of the style of food prepared. Below we have outlined five of the most essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment used at any food service business.

  1. Refrigerators and freezers are quite possibly the most important items within a commercial kitchen. Without these, leftovers and perishables would spoil daily causing wasted money and possible food-bourne illness for guests.
  2. Convection ovens provide restaurants with the ability to cook more quickly and evenly, saving precious time. While a convection oven is not absolutely necessary, it is important that your restaurant has a commercial oven whether it is convection or conventional.
  3. Commercial grade dishwashers are critical for any type of restaurant. Washing dishes by hand can be extremely time consuming and not provide the proper sanitization to ensure customers don’t get sick.
  4. Industrial ice machines provide much more than just cooling for beverages. If your restaurant has a salad bar or buffet, you will likely need to employ ice placed below the containers to make certain your food items remain chilled instead of hot and soggy.
  5. Food preparation and cleansing efforts would be next to impossible in a commercial kitchen without stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel is the best option for you restaurant, as its surface resists certain types of bacteria and germs.

Whether you are a veteran or novice restauranteur, you will need the proper equipment to provide the best service to your clients. Our list above is a good start, but you will likely need many more items to run a successful restaurant kitchen. What item do you find to be most useful?

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Posted by Bill Cockrum

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